Body Vision

Body Vision

Do you find weight loss confusing? Do you think losing weight permanently is impossible? It doesn’t have to be. Body Vision is the only method available that provides truly sustainable weight loss, using simple and satisfying methods.

You can feel confident in your body! Body Vision will show you how.

See "Tell Me More" below for more info.

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Body Visions Features

Just a couple of the awesome features we have for you

  • Individuality

    Truly personal plans

  • Personal Instruction

    Individual recommendations from Simon.

  • Adaption

    Plans change as you progress.

  • Instruction

    Guidance through every workout.

Tell me more

Does losing weight permanently seem impossible to you?

Does contradicting information mean you don’t know what to do?

Do you start a plan and quickly find that it isn’t enjoyable and you feel deprived?

Does this all lead to you giving up, so that your dream doesn’t become your reality?

This is unfortunately the story for many. You probably know that most of those who start a weight loss plan never reach their goal. You may have noticed that those who do return to their starting weight within a couple of years.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can reach you dream! It can be simple! It can be satisfying! And it can be sustainable!

Introducing Body Vision. A major breakthrough in permanent weight loss and the only one who can:

1. Make it simple
By cutting through the noise so you can focus on what actually works.

2. Make it satisfying
By helping you discover ways of losing weight you actually enjoy.

3. Make it sustainable
By providing you with simple and satisfying solutions.

And all for less than the cost of one personal training session a month!!

Consider Andrews story.

Andrew weighed over 105kg. It hadn’t always been like this. As a child Andrew had been fairly slim. But over the years his weight had slowly crept up. It caused constant feelings of self-consciousness. Did his clothes make him look big? Where people commenting about how much weight he had gained? What impression was he making on his children? (You may be able to relate).

Multiple times the decision had been made. This is it! A good diet and regular exercise will become the norm!

But conflicting information made knowing what to do hard. And the methods advised weren't enjoyable and left him feeling deprived. Before long Andrew stopped trying, and the bit of weight he had lost crept back on (Again, you may be able to relate).

In Andrews own words “I started to wonder if the script was already written. Whether I was destined to be big and miserable for life”

“When I was deep in my pit of despair, a friend advised me to check out Body Vision. I did, and wow!! There was a stark contrast between Simons methods and anything I had experienced before”

Simon taught Andrew that the vast majority of advice around weight loss and lifestyle change is just noise, unnecessarily confusing the matter (Simple).

Andrews education showed him that exercise and healthy food can be enjoyable. You just need the methods that allow you to discover good habits you enjoy (Satisfying).

Andrews beliefs began to shift. Step by step, huge life changes were made. It wasn't long before Andrew was in the greatest shape of his life. He could hold his head high and be proud of who he was again!

And because Andrew had learnt methods that were enjoyable and beneficial for his goal, continuing them was no effort (Sustainable).

In Andrews own words “Once I began working with Simon I realised that every other approach had it so wrong. We worked closely together over a few months, and I can honestly say he changed my life!"

"I've spent ten times this much on personal trainers and not made this progress, or learnt this much!"

"Anybody who struggles with their weight HAS to try Body Vision out! They really can't afford not to”

You too will realise that the Body Vision experience is unlike any other. You're about to discover the revolution that the world has needed for so long. Body Vision is rewriting the rule book, allowing you to experience the difference between failure and success!

And yet all it comes down to is making it simple, satisfying and sustainable.

The icing on the cake? Body vision allows you to achieve your dreams for less than the cost of one personal training session per month!

So what do you think?

Are you ready to discover the happy, confident version of yourself?

Will you turn your life around?

Will you sculpt your own Body Vision?

Then don’t delay. Your future starts today!

What’s the next step?

Simple! Just download Body Vision now for your free, no obligation trial, and experience your own personal revolution!

  • Get fast results
  • Benefit from true individuality
  • Change for the long term
  • Be part of the life change revolution


  • The Full Vision

    97% cheaper than one to one weight loss coaching

    £ 9.99 a month
    • Truly individual workouts
    • Plans that progress with you
    • Instruction through every session
    • Personal guidance from Simon
    • No fixed contract. So nothing to lose!



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